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  • What is PhraseHQ?

    The world's biggest database of phrases
    • Colloquial phrases - 'kiss and tell'
    • Idioms - 'a fish out of water'
    • Proverbs - 'never judge a book by its cover'
    • Metaphor - 'elephant in the room'
    • Similes - 'eat like a horse'
    • Cliches - 'all bets are off'
    • Euphemisms - 'a few cards short of a full deck'
    • Wordplays - 'mean as custard'
    • Quotations - 'anger is brief madness'
    • Humorous - 'if i agreed with you we'd both be wrong'
    • Song titles/lyrics - 'all you need is love'
    • Movie titles - 'some like it hot'
    • Book titles - 'Catch-22'
    • Rhyming slang - 'nice boat race'
    • Political slogans - 'a fair days pay for a fair days work'
    • Business jargon - 'think outside the box'
    • Advertising slogans - 'born to perform'
    • Oxymorons - 'deafening silence'
    • Tongue Twisters - 'Peter picked a pickled pepper'
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    Creative people all around the world
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    "Simply brilliant. I love it!"

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    "You have made my life so much easier. Thank you"

    – Simon Haines, freelance copywriter, NY

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    – Peter Silk, iVision

    "A must have!"

    – Jackie Bateman, Ideology

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