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all in all

all things considered; on the whole

... and all

used emphasise something additional that is being referred to

all yours 

1) used when making social plans to say that you are now freely available to engage with the person you have made plans with e.g. "I've finished my homework and I'm ready to leave, I'm all yours", 2) when handing over something or someone to another perso

be all that you can be

advertising slogan for United States Army

all-singing, all-dancing

very modern and technically advanced

all seeing, all knowing

God's omnipresence

want all lose all

Latin proverb

all singing, all dancing

Full of verve and vitality; more recently - full-featured, with many attributes.

grasp all, lose all

Portuguese and Spanish proverb

eff all

A euphemism for 'fuck all'. See 'fuck all'.