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you've got a friend

song title, Carole King

bezzy mates

Best friends. E.g."They've been bezzy mates since they were at school together."

close friends 

fast friends, permenent friends

lady friend

A female extramarital sexual partner

false friends

are pairs of words or phrases in two languages or dialects (or letters in two alphabets)[1] that look or sound similar, but differ in meaning.

imaginary friend

a friend that a child has created in his mind. The child will pretend that the imaginary friend is there - set up play things for it, and talk to it as if it is a real person. It is possible that "imaginary friend" could be used to mean, "not real friends

special friend

A sexual partner to whom you are not married

women friend

A mistress

gentleman friend

A women's sexual partner to whom she is not married