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hang loose

to relax and stay calm. Just hang loose, man. Everything'll be all right. Stay loose, chum. See ya later.

hang tight 

to wait for further instructions

hang about !

wait a moment! Hold on!

hang out

To reside, to loiter, to pass the time.

hang ten

Hanging Tenis asurfingmaneuver

hang fire

delay or be delayed in taking action or progressing

hang on 

1. to wait awhile e.g. "Hang on a minute. I need to talk to you". 2. to survive for awhile. e.g. "I think we can hang on without electricity for a little while longer. 3. [for an illness] to linger or persist. e.g. "This cold has been hanging on for a mo

hang tough

be or remain inflexible or firmly resolved

hang of a _ (-or- a hang of)

to a very high degree; very great