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grinning like a shot fox

very happy, smugly satisfied (Australian slang)

happy happy joy joy

a catchphrase from Ren and Stimpy

happy together

song title, The Turtles

happy hardcore

A type of uplifting 'hardcore' (noun 2.) containing zany 'samples'. [1990s]

happy hour

the term given to a period of time (often longer than an hour) where pubs reduce the price of many of their alcoholic beverages

happy bunny

A contented person. Usually heard used in a negative context when referring to depressed or miserable person. E.g."He's not a happy bunny, since losing his job."

happy hour

A period when a bar sells alcohol more cheaply

happy camper

a person who is at ease with the world

happy dust


happy ending

Masturbation until ejaculation performed on a man by a prostitute