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make history

do something that is remembered in or influences the course of history

you're history

be perceived as no longer relevant to the present : used to indicate imminent departure, dismissal, or death

the rest is history

used to indicate that the events succeeding those already related are so well-known that they need not be recounted again

rewrite history

to interpret events from the past in a way that suit your own particular purposes

history repeating

song title, Shirley Bassey

ancient history

Something that may have once been scandalous or exciting but is now such old news that it I no longer creates any excitement or interest

history is bunk

Live in the present, not the past. Quote, Henry Ford (1863 - 1947), founder of Ford Motor Company

history repeats itself

The same kinds of events seem to happen over and over

the secret history

a book by author Donna Tartt

a brief history of time

a book by author Stephen Hawking