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how so?

what do you mean?

and how!

very much so (used to express strong agreement)

how was it for you? 

A question usually asked following sexual intercourse

how refreshing, how Heineken

advertising slogan for Heineken beer

funny how?

Quote, Goodfellas


The instinctive ability to know how to deal with any situation that arises. The literal translation from the French is 'know how'. It is first seen in English in the writing of that incorrigible coiner of phrase - Sir Walter Scott, Guy Mannering, 1815

how late it was, how late

a book by author James Kelman

HUD - how you doing?

An acronym or text speak

any old how

in a careless and untidy way
any, how, old

how to breathe underwater

a book by author Julie Orringer