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you can whistle for it

something that you say which means you are determined that someone will not get what they want

whistle Dixie

engaging unrealistic fantasies; waste your time

whistling Dixie

To engage in idle conversational fantasies.

wolf whistle

A wolf-whistle is a two-toned sound (like 'whip-woo') commonly made using the above technique to show approval of something or someone

beef whistle

a man's penis

love whistle

a man's penis

train whistle blowing

song title, Malvina Reynolds

whistle (and flute)

Cockney rhyming slang: Whistle = whistle and flute = suit = as in "a nice whistle"

slick as a whistle

smooth and glossy, smooth in manners, speech, etc, cleverly devised, slippery

whistle down the wind

Send away or abandon