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can of worms 

a situation that will cause trouble or be unpleasant

the worm has turned

something that you say when someone who has always been weak and obedient starts to behave more confidently or take control of a situation

can of worms

a complicated situation

worm out of

to evade or escape an unpleasant situation by undignified behaviour. E.g."She attempted to worm out of the arrangement by saying she had to wash her hair."

burp the worm

To masturbate, of males.

glow little glow-worm

a children's rhyme

open a can of worms

If you open a can of worms, you do something that will cause a lot of problems and is, on balance, probably going to cause more trouble than it's worth.

worm your way into something

to gradually achieve a position of trust, possibly by being dishonest